Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Introduction to Christmas Devotional

The official start of the 2016 Christmas Holiday's has begun! Thanksgiving dinner has stretched your stomach! Your wallet is shrinking because you fought the crowds to get the best deals on Black Friday! You hope that the opposite will have happened by the time you get to the end the Christmas season! Your wallet will be stretching, and your stomach would be flat!

You love God with all your heart, but it's always a struggle this time of the year to spend time with Him. It's a battle to remember that: Christ is Always First in Christmas!

What can we do to help us keep Christ first in our Christmas Season? We can celebrate the Advent. What is the Advent? The English word "Advent" comes from the Latin word adventus, which means "coming"! It is a season before Christmas that Christians look back to the birth of Lord Jesus. It is more than remembering His first coming! It is to look forward to His Second coming!

For the next twenty-five days, I will be trying to remember these two important truths. Jesus' first coming brought me the means of salvation, that is Calvary, and His second coming will complete my salvation. How will I do this? Each day I will take the time to read and meditate on scripture from the Word of God. The scripture I will choose will be connected to these two events, that is, His first and second coming. Each day of December I will be posting a devotional with a biblical reading that will answer certain questions about these comings. Here is an example of the questions: 
            1.         Who is coming?
            2.         How did He come?
            3.         Why did He come?
            4.         Where did He come?
            5.         Who saw Him when He came?
            6.         What happened when He came?
            7.         What does His coming mean for me?

Concerning His second coming questions like the following:
            1.         Why is He coming?    
            2.         How is He coming?
            3.         When is He coming?
            4.         What happens when He comes?
            5.         What does His coming mean for me?
            6.          How to get ready for His Coming?

Let's link together, and keep Christ First during this Christmas Season!