Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thinking about our Focus!

Recently I read an article that was very thought provoking. It has impacted me greatly! The title is Evangelism Is Most Effective Among Kids by George Barna. The insight that Barna states comes from a research study from The Barna Group, based on interviews with 992 born again Christians nationwide. Of this research Barna found the following information concerning the age of conversion for Christians:

77% of Christians became followers of Christ before turning 21! 67% were converted before the age of 18 while 43 % before the age of 13! Only 23% were converted after 21!

As I absorbed this information it made me realize that children and youth ministries are two of the most important ministries of the church! They should not be thought of as babysitting neither as entertainment! These two ministries must receive funds, man power, and the support of the Senior Pastor!

These figures demand that these ministries be actively pursuing those that they minister to!They must be evangelistic!

Next we will examine the means by which these two groups were influenced to conversion.