Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Things Have Happened!

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged. I wish I could really say "it's been a while since had the time to blog, but in realty I must say that it hasn't been a priority! The #1 priority of the leader is not to manage others but to manage themselves! That is my main mission!

There's been a lot of things happening that I would like to share with the readers!

The best thing is that individuals have been receiving the Holy Ghost! Here is a picture of a great young man, Aaron Trawick receiving the Holy Ghost at Jr. Youth Camp!
I love this picture! He getting drunk on the Spirit! His sister is praying with him and other young guys! This speaks volumes to each of us! Our youth are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today! We must release them to minister in the present time not the future.

Here's another great event that has just happened at our church! EGroup with over 60 young men! This is a conference for empowering, equipping and encouraging young men to Apostolic ministry! It was as a great time for all! Bro.'s Kevin Bradford, John Shoemake and Myles Young were powerfully used by God! Even though that did not discuss their messages, they went hand in hand! It was great to see young men lying on the floor of our auditorium praying and weeping under a burden to become all they can for God! If you are interested you can go to for the Cd's. They will bless you!

Friends are wonderful! Each year my wife and I take a special trip with our friends of over 30 years, Phil and Debbie White! This year we went to Chicago! I'd flown through Chicago but this was the first time to visit! It's a great city! One that I will return to! One of the highlights was a 3 hour Segway tour of the city! The Segway is a blast! I want one! It would be cool to be able to ride around Redlands! If you ever get the opportunity take a spin on a Segway!

There have been many other exciting things going on, more than I can mention! These are just a few! This fall starts another dream of mine, that is, to teach in a accredited college! I've started my first class with Apostolic School of Theology! The subject is Pentecostal History! Please keep me in prayer that I can help potential leaders become great men and women of God!