Monday, August 25, 2008

Great News!

We just received the exciting news that Sis. Veronica Pazzetty passed her driving test for our Bus Ministry! This gives us two qualified drivers to reach our community with more drivers and workers coming! Give her a "Shout Out" everyone! Way to go Sis. Veronica!!!!!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey, What's Up?

Another blog! Another individual thinks that their babbling is important to read! Yea, that babbling individual is me! For the last few months I've wanted to start a blog yet our website company was doing some major updates to the site that caused the office a little frustration, ACTUALLY A LOT OF FRUSTRATION (you can tell the frustration by the capital letters. In the cyber world that is a sign of shouting! I was MAD!) Thank God it's over!

Well, back to why I'm starting this blog. I want to use this time as a time to talk with you about many things on my heart! Thoughts that God places on my heart, experiences of God that come in my life, thoughts about special people in my life like family, friends and of course my love and heart beat the leadership and saints of Hope Center! This also will be a place to learn of the vision that God has placed in my heart for our church!

I'll try to update weekly on Monday mornings! (Please be kind to me and give me a lot of mercy on this promise!) Pictures will be used maybe even of you! Remember I might use thoughts that you speak to me (I'll try to give you credit)!

It will be a journey! A journey with God is always interesting and exciting! Never a dull moment! I'm on a journey with him and I love it! Join me in this journey and let's see God's love, mercy, and power in action!

Love ya,